Waste not, want not

Stuff for Free event January 2012

Stuff for Free event January 2012

Each year the UK alone generates 290 million tonnes of waste, three-quarters of which could be recycled! Fortunately recycling has become a key element in today’s society and due to the thousands of households who live by the ‘Reduce Reuse and Recycle’  motto, 18 million tonnes of CO2 has been saved (that’s the equivalent of taking 5 million cars off the road!) But it’s not only reduce, reuse recycle that can reduce your carbon footprint! Upcycling is a new way of revitalizing unwanted clothes and other items that might otherwise end up in the bin.


Upcycled Pringles can

Upcycled Pringles can

Upcycling is a way of creating a new or different product from an old one. For example, take an old piece of clothing and rejuvenate it with bits and pieces from your arts and crafts box, and give it a new identity! This is better for the environment; fewer perfectly usable items end up in landfill and as an added incentive… you are saving money!

For some upcycling ideas and inspiration head to our Pinterest Upcycling board http://pinterest.com/healthyplanetuk/reuse-repurpose-upcycle/

Introducing Stuff For Free

Stuff for Free 2012 Infographic

Stuff for Free 2012 Infographic

If you don’t fancy getting your glue gun and sewing kit out, you can also help reduce waste by donating your unwanted clothing and household items to a variety of environmental organisations. We at Healthy Planet have developed an innovative scheme known as Stuff for Free which collects unwanted household items and redistributes the goods into the community for free! This is a great way to declutter your home of items you don’t want anymore and give them a new life. Not everything you own needs to go in to the bin and head straight to landfill –remember one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure!

The Stuff for Free event in Leytonstone, North London was a great success, redistributing nearly 2 tonnes of perfectly good stuff to a new home. Over 350 members of the community came to give and get stuff for free including clothes, books, electronics and bric-a-brac. Attendees said “we enjoyed the friendly atmosphere” and “knowing the stuff I gave or received is finding a new use and a happy home is great!” One happy person took home a full leather motorcycle suit; another left with a never before used exercise machine and many more treasures were there for the taking. We ran 4 Stuff for Free events in it’s first year 2012, check out our infographic to see what happened.

The perfect reason to declutter

Check out this handy Top Tips from a Professional Declutterer produced for Healthy Planet by a professional declutterer – you might find you have a whole load of perfectly good items around your house just collecting dust that would be valued by a friend or neighbour. But you don’t have to bring anything to take stuff – anyone can come along – you never know what you might find.

Next events:

SFF who knows what you might find

Who knows what you might find?

Stuff for Free with West London Waste Authority – Acton event

Give Date: Friday 11th January 8am – 2pm

Take Date: Sunday 13th January 10am – 2pm

Venue: The Vision Warehouse, 15 Kendal Avenue, Acton, W3 0AF


Give Dates: Saturday 23rd February & Sunday 24th February

Take Dates: Saturday 2nd March & Sunday 3rd March

Venue: Unit 1 City Forum, 250 City Road, London, EC1V 2PU http://goo.gl/maps/20QPa

Nearest tube: Old Street, Islington

You can find out more on the Stuff for Free webpage or signup to come or volunteer via eventbrite.

If you could help us to promote these events by tweeting / using facebook we would be most grateful.

Who Else Wants Your Unwanted items?

There are thousands of other environmental organisations who will also take your unwanted goods and donate them to a worthy cause. A few examples are listed below:

Traid is an organisation which reuses unwanted textiles and clothing and turns them into something new. Each piece of their upcycled clothing is a unique, one of a kind piece and cannot be replicated. www.traid.org.uk

Community RePaint collects leftover paint from homes and businesses. The paint is then redistributed to individuals, families and communities to improve the wellbeing of the people and the appearance of communities across the UK. www.communityrepaint.org.uk

Petit Miracle Interiors uses upcycling as a creative way to engage and assist people who have experienced homelessness or long term unemployment and vulnerable women. They run a series of workshops employing upcycling as a vehicle to improve the living environment, to build confidence, to reduce social exclusion and provide opportunities for further training and employment. www.petitmiracles.org.uk

Furniture Re-use Network are the national co-ordinating body for 400 furniture and appliance re-use and recycling organisations in the UK: theycollect a wide range of household items to pass onto people in need. http://www.frn.org.uk

More information about waste in the UK and recycling is available on the DEFRA website http://www.defra.gov.uk/environment/waste/


I believe that the environmental movement is one of the most important priorities for the future;  Channelling the ‘throw away’ culture mindset into more creative and fun ways to save money and help the planet at the same time is the way forward.

Visit Healthy Planet to find out ways you can get involved and make some small changes that will create a positive difference to yourself, your community and the planet.

Written by Rupal Vaja, a Healthy Planet intern (and an aspiring environmental bud just waiting to flower!) – She is on Twitter

New admin interns for an organized and Healthy Planet

Dear Healthy Planeteers,

We are pleased to announce the start of our two new long-term admin interns, Mohamed Salimin and Hibak Farah. This week, they began pooling together their skills in bringing more organization to Healthy Planet

Healthy Planet, on a low budget as a charity, has always run on the power or interns. We get semester long interns, summer interns, international interns…people from all over with all sorts of ideas that founder and big boss Shaylesh Patel helps to mold into realistic plans.

Talking about her first day, Hibak stated, “I knew yesterday would include intro information and initial assignments, and I was hoping it would include a boss as nice as the one that interviewed me. I was reassured to find out that in actually included a whole team of friendly and fun interns. I haven’t been working here long enough to make an official judgment, but I think I’m already leaning towards my decision!

We are always looking for people to share their skills and ideas to ensure a healthier, greener future. Just like every decision we make in our homes and businesses makes an impact on the environment, ever talent and passion makes an impact on Healthy Planet. CVs and cover letters are always welcome to hr@healthyplanet.org.

Joining hands with interns old and new,

Healthy Planet

Head Gardener finds a new garden

Hello Healthy Planeteers,

Danielle Wright, our Head Gardener at Healthy Planet, just moved on to her dream job. Not that working at Healthy Planet wasn’t dreamy- Danielle states “Healthy Planet gave me a lot of the skills I needed to move on to another job, everything from admin and management to basic marketing and IT. Shaylesh was great to work with and I say work with and not work for because even though he’s the founder, he’s present at every level of the charity from helping us learn skills initially all the way to helping us get paid work later.”

Healthy Planet is all about interns. Our driving force is the variety of skills that our interns bring to the table. Whether for 6 weeks or 6 months, everyone has a patch in our HP garden where founder Shaylesh Patel gives each intern the freedom to grow their own skills. Shaylesh believes that the best form of payment to his mostly unpaid interns is the connections and the skill set for a job when they leave.

Overhearing his interview, Villanova undergraduate Katherine Papeika, an accounting finance concentration agreed, “Coming to the UK and getting to work at Healthy Planet in my first year of university has been amazing. Actually, that’s an understatement, I went from knowing nothing about UK accounting to doing rates for HP like it was second nature. Even though I’m going back to the US in a few weeks, I have a lot more experience for when I apply for American internships and jobs.”

Thanking our interns- past, present, and future,
Healthy Planet