Virtual charity gets real in the Estates Gazette

Hello Healthy Planeteers,

This week, Healthy Planet had a big feature in the Estates Gazette, the property sector’s main magazine, regarding our innovative work with landlords. So now everyone wins – rates relief for landlords and a donation to Healthy Planet.

So what happens to the share of the money we keep? Right now, Healthy Planet is counting down to Earth Day, April 22. As a part of our Earth Day initiative, we are asking primary schools to participate in a mass lesson, which we are providing for FREE. Schools that choose to get more involved by adopting a plot of land, for Earth Day or otherwise, receive the benefit of both using the plot as a teaching resource and a grant back to the school for a healthy cause. That means, the money we keep gets reinvested in the future generation of Healthy Planeteers.

Saving the Earth and landlords alike,

Healthy Planet