Happy Earth Day!

Dear Healthy Planeteers,

The day we have been waiting for since 23 April 2009 is finally here and Healthy Planet wants to be the first to wish you a Happy Earth Day!

Being a conservation charity means more than just counting down to Earth Day and writing celebratory blogs. It means encouraging people to make greener decisions, whether that is giving a plot of land instead of a tradition present or turning off the water when brushing you teeth. It also means ensuring a healthy future, which we are doing by distributing Free Earth Day teaching resources to UK primary schools.

The lessons are not only for Earth Day or Earth Week. We hope that teachers will continue to use these year round because our lesson plans meet national curriculum guidelines while still being fun, interactive and teaching a perennial lesson.

Celebrating by saving our world,

Healthy Planet

Geographical Association maps out its annual conference

Founder Shaylesh Patel explaining Healthy Planet's Earth Day at the 2010 Geographical Association Conference

Dear Healthy Planeteers,

Where do hundreds of geography teachers, free lesson plans, and Healthy Planet cross paths? Other than in the classroom on Earth Day, at the Geographical Association conference this past weekend! The annual GA conference is a forum for delegates, teachers, students, academics, and now Healthy Planet. It’s the largest event of its kind and includes informational lectures and debates as well as field visits and hands on workshops.

Maybe that’s why Healthy Planet works so closely with the GA.

Our lesson plans include information for students in the form of discussions and YouTube videos while still being fun and interactive, for example, placing footprints on devices that create a carbon footprint and making brochures about how to stay safe in extreme weather conditions.

We set up a booth at the conference to promote our FREE Earth Day lesson plans, which carry the GA seal of approval. Our lesson plans target primary students to teach them age appropriate lessons about environmental issues. These lesson plans can be downloaded from the website as can more information about our Earth Day programme. Schools are getting involved in this mass lesson to inspire primary children, the future generation of the UK and the future guardians of the Earth.

Putting ourselves on the conservation map,

Healthy Planet

Virtual charity gets real in the Estates Gazette

Hello Healthy Planeteers,

This week, Healthy Planet had a big feature in the Estates Gazette, the property sector’s main magazine, regarding our innovative work with landlords. So now everyone wins – rates relief for landlords and a donation to Healthy Planet.

So what happens to the share of the money we keep? Right now, Healthy Planet is counting down to Earth Day, April 22. As a part of our Earth Day initiative, we are asking primary schools to participate in a mass lesson, which we are providing for FREE. Schools that choose to get more involved by adopting a plot of land, for Earth Day or otherwise, receive the benefit of both using the plot as a teaching resource and a grant back to the school for a healthy cause. That means, the money we keep gets reinvested in the future generation of Healthy Planeteers.

Saving the Earth and landlords alike,

Healthy Planet