Saving used books embraced from the start

Great work Stratford Books for free team!

Longer lasting happiness

Having a poster advertising for volunteers in the window of premises waiting to open for two weeks didn’t compare with having the same poster in the window of an open centre. We had a new volunteer start with us on each of the four days we were open during our first full week – we opened last Tuesday after a trial afternoon open the week before – What’s more it’s expected to repeat this coming week. Note that we will be open every weekday with the exception of this Wednesday.

We’ve had responses to our online ads and through the Team London website as well as potential volunteers offering to join the team in person at the centre.

Every one of the volunteers is on their own journey – each of us with our different backgrounds, at different stages of life – yet what’s been tremendous is the way everybody…

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One thought on “Saving used books embraced from the start

  1. I looked for the Stratford Broadway Healthy Planet book shop and couldn’t find it. Could you tell me where it is please? Thanks

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