Are you a ‘hoarder’ or a ‘thrower’ ?

People browsing at the Stuff for Free event

People browsing at the Stuff for Free event

Most people I know seem to fit into one of these types:

1. Hoarder – keeps everything, just in case they might need it; leading to a very cluttered and chaotic home.

2. Thrower – Likes things to be very tidy and so will constantly throw things away to make space (and then sometimes regret it)

The interesting thing is that like most things in life balance is often the best path. Have you ever wished you could live in a harmonious environment, know where everything is and have a place for everything?

The recent Stuff for Free event in Enfield (the 1st of 3 events in partnership with North London Waste Authority -NLWA) had something for both types of people.

  • Throwers could reform their ways by giving their unwanted things to the charity.
  • For Hoarders it’s a good opportunity to have a deadline to declutter and give away items that have not been used for the last year, with the added incentive that you can pick up something cool.

So many things we throw in the bin are perfectly usable – at the stuff for free event I dug out about 30 necklaces I no longer wear (did you guess my type yet?), an iron, some DVDs & Xbox games that have been watched/played to death. To other people these items were treasure waiting to be discovered.

I hope that when they have finished with them they give them to friends or a charity so they can have a 3rd life/owner.

I believe that by changing the little decisions we make each day each person can really make a difference, life is very busy but if we take a moment to reflect on the impact of our consumption / throwaway lifestyles we can help the planet, save some money & feel good about it.

Benefits of reuse here:

Reuse Ideas board on Pinterest – a board for people to learn about some of the fun & eco friendly ways you can reuse items.

Reuse / Repurpose / Upcycle

Reuse / Repurpose / Upcycle

Our next event is scheduled for November 2012 Location: Waltham Forest area

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