Cold weather sees UK Greenhouse emissions rise.

Government figures released this month have revealed that in 2010 UK greenhouse emissions rose for the first time in several years. Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey said that the exceptionally cold weather that year was responsible, as it had led to an increase in domestic fuel consumption.

He added: “One year won’t knock the UK off meeting its long-term emission reduction targets, but it serves to underline the [need] for insulating homes in order to cut bills and emissions”

Insulating your home could be seen as an unaffordable extravagance in the present economy. However, government insulation grants are available for all home owners, with savings up to 100% depending on eligibility. To find out more please visit:

While this survey highlights the need to reduce our heating bills it is important to remember that there are many other ways to reduce the energy you use at home and save you money!

So here are five simple ways to be more energy efficient at home:

  1. Use energy efficient light bulbs. Each bulb could save you up to £7 a year.
  2. Don’t leave unused electrical items on standby. While this saves a few seconds according to Friends of the Earth your appliances can still use up to 70% of their active energy, costing you lots of money for doing nothing. It is also believed that switching off extends the life of electrical appliances.
  3. Turn down your heating. By reducing the temperature by 1% the Energy Savings Trust believe you will save 10% off the cost of your heating bill and that you won’t even notice the difference.
  4. Look after your boiler. After 10 years boilers begin to become less and less efficient, while newer models convert the energy more effectively.
  5. Change your energy supplier. While not saving energy this can lead to savings of over £100 a year!

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