Give a penguin a happy new year – adopt a plot this Christmas

So, everyone has now given you their Christmas gift wish lists and you are gearing up to brave the chaotic, and downright awful, High Street. This is a rather arduous task, and with the awful weather being even more awful than usual, it would seem that Christmas shopping will take stress levels to an all-time high.

So how do we make gift shopping all that less daunting? One (quite) obvious answer is the Internet. The web is often cheaper than what is on offer in stores and the hassle of being in a shop is significantly less of an issue. However, the recent spell of treacherous weather may mean that deliveries will face huge delays, so it is possible that those long-awaited gifts will remain exactly that.

So, what now?  Well, as Healthy Planet is all about making the time and effort to keep this planet, well, healthy, one gift that can ensure this is the adoption of a plot in Healthy Planet’s Christmas Park, located in the Sub-Antarctic. From £20 per year, this gift will be a great alternative to the naff Christmas jumpers! You will ensure that the wildlife who occupy this land (including penguins!) have a safe, habitable environment for their new year. And what’s more, if you pay £20, 45% of it can be given back to the UK school of your choice, when you use a special code.

So what are you waiting for? Start adopting now!

Log  on to HealthyPlanet’s new website to find out more.

By Yasmina Jackson


About Healthy Planet

Everyone can make a difference locally & globally to the health of the planet and its people. Be part of it! U.K charity 1122475

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