Clueless about your environment?

When you hear the word environment, if you’re like me you think “here we go”. However, our environment is an important part of our daily living and sometimes a lack of information or understanding of our surroundings can leave us ignorant and uncaring about the earth.

Personally, I am clueless about the environment and what it means to be environmentally friendly.

I am  lost in talks of re-cycling , GM food and even the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and how it has affected the environment.

Get clued-up. There are many fun and exciting things to be learned about various environmental issues such as fair trade and organisations that work for a greener Earth. 

Friends of the Earth provides a clear understanding of the relevent issues when it comes to the environment. Most importantly it provides information on  charities which work to improve the environment,  as well as steps we as individuals can take to improving our surroundings.

I know, talking about the environment can be boring and time-consuming. However, to make it fun why not get out into your local community and visit a local farm. Get a hands on approach, and ask those important questions on how to grow your own fruit and veggies even without having a garden.

Being clueless is no excuse. Take an active role in improving our surroundings and maintaining our planet. 

by Peta-Gay Powell


About Healthy Planet

Everyone can make a difference locally & globally to the health of the planet and its people. Be part of it! U.K charity 1122475

One thought on “Clueless about your environment?

  1. Hi, nice post! I really like your post about Clueless about your environment?

    I like the tag. That’s really true. Clueless is no excuse!

    Keep the good work!

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