Urgent need for conservation!

Spider monkey in the foliage

Spider monkey in the foliage

Last week scientists confirmed that governments would not meet their 2010 target of curbing biodiversity loss. This means that species like the cute Magdalena Spider Monkey, the rarest primate in South America, are facing an ever more critical fight for survival.

Many scientists say we are facing the sixth mass extinction in half-a-billion years and biodiversity continues to diminish at a rate never before seen in history – up to 1,000 times higher than ever recorded.

If we don’t do something to stem the loss of animal and plant species, soon human well-being and economic stability will also be affected. Read the AFP news story for more information on the International Union for Conservation of Nature report.

So what’s this got to do with Healthy Planet
At Healthy Planet, we are supporting conservation throughout the world, helping to map, monitor and fund projects in protected parks.

One such park is the breathtaking Nature Park of El Dorado in Columbia, which hosts one of the highest concentrations of native and threatened bird and amphibian species, such as the Golden Poison Dart Frog. Almost all flora and most of the fauna are endemic to the area, where a daunting 16 out of 21 species have been reported as critically threatened.

Not far from there, where the magnificent Magdalena river basin once held a lush carpet of lowland rainforest encircled by mighty mountain ranges, deforestation continues unabated. It has eliminated nearly ten million acres, critically endangering many of the region’s endemic species such as the weird-looking Blue-billed Curassow and South America’s rare Magdalena Spider Monkey.

Rather than waiting for the governments to come to agreements on conservation and meet vague, long-term targets you can take action now by adopting a small plot of land, directly engaging with the conservation of the area and making a dramatic difference to species desperately in need of protection.


About Healthy Planet

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