What are you doing tomorrow?

Tomorrow, 22nd April, is Earth Day! On this day individuals and businesses all over the world will be especially inspired to make a global difference through a few small changes to their daily plans. Below is a list of small changes we can all make in our daily regime. With a little effort from everyone these small actions will give the health and environment of our future planet better chance.

  • Turn it off: switching off lights and plug sockets at home before leaving for work will reduce unnecessary carbon emissions (and electricity bills!).
  • Leave the car keys at home: if and when possible, cycling or taking public transport into work will lessen congestion and traffic pollution.
  • Cut down on cups of tea: we know it’s difficult but reducing the amount of times the kettle is boiled throughout the day and making sure that no more water is boiled than is actually needed will guarantee a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Think before you print! Where a printout is absolutely needed, print on both sides of the paper and use recycled paper to reduce the amount of deforestation.
  • Recycle old ink cartridges: set up a collection box by the printer and claim £3 per cartridge by recycling them with an organisation like JetTec, www.jettec.com/recycling.asp 
  • Buy a veggie lunch: abstain from a meat included lunch and refill yesterday’s water bottle with tap water. The most serious environmental problems of our time are all directly linked to eating meat. According to goveg.com eating 1 lb. Of meat emits the same amount of green house gasses as driving an SUV 40miles!
  • And finally! After a hard day’s work plant a tree in the garden and enjoy the rest of the year’s sun under its growing canopy.

And here are some things you can do with Healthy Planet to make an impact:

  • Visit www.healthyplanet.valuerecycling.com to find out how to recycle your old phone and claim back money.
  • If you’re planning to spring clean your home get together with some friends and organise a group car boot sale. Email us on property@healthyplanet.org to find a free venue.
  • With the extra cash you’ve made on your car boot sale and from recycling your phone and used cartridges why not celebrate by buying a plot of land anywhere in the world. Log on to www.healthyplanet.org/Adopt/ to find out how.
  • Sign the Earth Day 2010 Climate Declaration and find Earth Day events and activities in your area where ever you are in the world on http://www.earthday.org/
  • Whether you’re an individual, a business, a school, a landlord or a shopper you’ll find many tips and information on Green Grants and Environmental Education on www.healthyplanet.org/Work/, which will help both you and the future of our planet.

About Healthy Planet

Everyone can make a difference locally & globally to the health of the planet and its people. Be part of it! U.K charity 1122475

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