Head Gardener finds a new garden

Hello Healthy Planeteers,

Danielle Wright, our Head Gardener at Healthy Planet, just moved on to her dream job. Not that working at Healthy Planet wasn’t dreamy- Danielle states “Healthy Planet gave me a lot of the skills I needed to move on to another job, everything from admin and management to basic marketing and IT. Shaylesh was great to work with and I say work with and not work for because even though he’s the founder, he’s present at every level of the charity from helping us learn skills initially all the way to helping us get paid work later.”

Healthy Planet is all about interns. Our driving force is the variety of skills that our interns bring to the table. Whether for 6 weeks or 6 months, everyone has a patch in our HP garden where founder Shaylesh Patel gives each intern the freedom to grow their own skills. Shaylesh believes that the best form of payment to his mostly unpaid interns is the connections and the skill set for a job when they leave.

Overhearing his interview, Villanova undergraduate Katherine Papeika, an accounting finance concentration agreed, “Coming to the UK and getting to work at Healthy Planet in my first year of university has been amazing. Actually, that’s an understatement, I went from knowing nothing about UK accounting to doing rates for HP like it was second nature. Even though I’m going back to the US in a few weeks, I have a lot more experience for when I apply for American internships and jobs.”

Thanking our interns- past, present, and future,
Healthy Planet


About Healthy Planet

Everyone can make a difference locally & globally to the health of the planet and its people. Be part of it! U.K charity 1122475

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