Social media and all things #green

Social media almost seems synonymous with environmentalism right now. What better way to mobilise a mass of people from every corner of the globe without them having to burn carbon to travel to one place?

The UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this week has been significant not only for the deals we hope will be brokered there, but for the way that so many individuals can follow the proceedings, comment, provoke and challenge.

As the talks come to a climax today, everyone from activists, media outlets and experts to the Danish government and UK school children are having their say, or keeping us updated. There are blogs, YouTube videos, Twitter profiles and Facebook pages. The Press Association has teamed up with other international news providers to bring news to ‘fans’ directly from the event. The Climate Pool, as it is called, is intended to spark a global conversation by engaging readers in direct communication with journalists covering the event. At the time of writing it had attracted 7,419 fans. @COP15 – the official Twitter profile for the talks (run by the Danish government) – had 12,333 followers. And while that’s still a way off Stephen Fry’s well-over-a-million followers, we also happen to know he’s doing his bit to raise awareness of climate change issues. He’s even adopted land with Healthy Planet.

On the final day of talks, we thought we’d share with you a video from our friends at Baby Creative, where six-year-old Dylan explains the simplicity of what needs to be done. We only wish our politicians could grasp his message.

So where does Healthy Planet fit in? A social media enterprise, our mission is inspiring, enabling and rewarding greener, healthier lifestyle choices. We use technology and bright ideas to make a difference to the planet and to the future. Our Google technology, specially licensed to us, allows anyone to view, purchase and personalise a plot of protected land in one of the world’s 77,000 parks. Celebrities such as Steven Fry and Nigel Marven have bought land as presents for their families. We’re hoping that this Christmas, hundreds of green-inspired online shoppers will follow their lead.

EastEnders’ Charlie Brooks has also helped us to promote our scheme for schools. We’re all about making a little bit of good go a long way, which means that if you buy a plot of land for £20 and use a unique code for your school, we’ll put £9 back into the school in the form of a Healthy Learning grant. Other forms of learning are getting our attention too. Just a few weekends ago we handed our Shepherd’s Bush shopfront over to a bunch of enthusiastic young entrepreneurs, who had a chance to run their own business.

And speaking of businesses, did you know as a commercial landlord you can get up to 50 per cent off your rates on an empty property, simply by letting us use the shopfront for attractive images of parkland to promote Healthy Planet? Well, we’ve worked it out so that you can.

The climate change talks in Copenhagen this week have done a fantastic job of rallying regular individuals around a common cause and social media has played a large part in ensuring that can be done sustainably.


About Healthy Planet

Everyone can make a difference locally & globally to the health of the planet and its people. Be part of it! U.K charity 1122475

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